My life started off pretty normal...

I grew up in outside of Toronto, in Canada. As the youngest in my family, my key relationships were my Mom, dad, older brother, and older sister. I was in the marching band, had braces, 2 dogs, and a garage door covered in marks from neighbourly games of road hockey.
It was at our cottage on Four Mile Lake that I discovered my love for building community and also the outdoors: for waterskiing, wakeboarding, swimming, hiking, singing songs by a campfire with neighbours and sharing stories, making memories that still make me laugh to this day. (This is often why lakeside experiences and outdoor excursions are often part of my coaching programs.)
This is also the same lake where I fell madly in love with a sprite of a strong-willed blonde girl named Emily. For 12 years – 12 years! – we were just friends. Great friends, yes. But just friends. Meaning, no kissing.


Then I became a professional speaker

During university, I had over 6,000 roommates, and was responsible for managing one of the largest student residences in the country. Turns out, connecting with thousands of people gave me a knack for speaking to small, medium, and also massive audiences about building epic relationships at work and in life, through acts of unexpected appreciation and gratitude.
I spoke about the power of quickly building community and playfully creating cultures on campus and in organizations. One day I’d talk on how young people can navigate peer pressure, and the next afternoon I was speaking to executives on how to find balance, be even better leaders, and even more awesome parents.
By my late 20s, I was one of the most sought-after youth speakers in North America, delivering 140+ presentations a year.
Across the span of my speaking career, I have been on 9 TEDx stages, spoken to audiences of more than 6000 people, delivered training to tech-entrepreneurs in Indonesia, played drums in Times Square, played guitar across Southeast Asia, and facilitated sing-alongs for teams across the continent.


Emily said "yes."
I became a husband.
And then a dad.

In 2018 I married that girl I met on Four Mile Lake, and truly the love of my life, Emily. My brilliant, gorgeous, generous, hilarious, curious, mermaid-like, silly, and fun partner, who has always given me the space to explore and execute my wild and wacky ideas. Ah, Emily.
We started out in a tiny, one-bedroom apartment in downtown Toronto, which is where we hosted our first Thank U Live event (now in year 8 of 55!) with a few friends in our living room.
Soon after we got married, I decided I wanted to be on the road less, because Emily and I wanted to start a family. Our son, Koah, was born on Christmas day in 2020; we welcomed our daughter, Summer, to the family in the spring of 2022.


That's right about the time I started working with really cool visionaries

Turns out that when you’re a speaker who’s been booked to deliver hundreds of presentations, people want to work with you one-on-one (and learn more than just the speaking business). So, when public speaking took a hit in 2020, I focused my business on VIP coaching and group programs.

And I found my sweet spot. 

I found that I help my clients hone in on their big goal or vision, locate their starting point to begin, and design the steps to make it happen. I use unconventional and utterly joyful methods to spread appreciation and gratitude to cultivate the relationships that transform lives and businesses. Partly because they’re super effective, and partly because they make my job so fun.

And it’s been a blast. 

I’ve met some amazing people, made lifelong friends, and have helped many cool people take off on their dreams, their businesses, their vision for a better future. 


So...what's next?

I’ve been around long enough to know that life is lovely and if you trust it, it will lead you to places you haven’t dared imagine.
For me it led to speaking on stages, 9 TEDx Talks, music, my wife, my family, my business, and so much more. If you have made it this far, I suggest we connect and see if there are ways I can contribute to you and your team.
Whatever our relationship becomes, it will be designed around bringing unexpected joy to people to build the kind of relationships that make your life and business richer, happier, and more fulfilling in every way.
Let’s. Get. This, Party. Started.
the reviews are in...
the reviews are in...

"He never ate his zucchini, even though I am convinced he would like it if he just tried it. Love you, buddy. Make sure you’re getting your rest and not working too hard."

mrs. fly
blake's mom

"I was Blake’s childhood dog. He brought me in for a Grade 4 Talent Show and fed me snacks if I sat and gave him paw. That was a great day."

blake's dog

"Blake had a group of friends that resemble the rings of Saturn. Mine was more like a Fruit Loop."

robbie fly
blake's brother & best man

You wouldn't be the first person who's "Blake-curious".

He's a pretty interesting guy. So why not connect with him and see how he can help you lift off on the big goal you have for your life, your family, and your business. In the most unconventional of ways.

let's stay in touch
let's stay in touch