My small group programs are like a business-building bonfire

Ready for experiences that feel kind of like a group of awesome humans, gathered around a bonfire, rising into their next level of business success, with ease?

You’re in the right place.

Each year, I create epic experiences for small groups focused on a very specific point of impact. Here are some of my programs: 


The Longshot Lab: Build Bigger, Bolder, Business Relationships

As humans, we all get scared sometimes. One of the scariest things is sales and outreach, because there is high potential for rejection. 

It is even SCARIER to reach out to the longshots and create opportunities with the people we could never imagine saying yes to us. Yes to taking our meeting, connecting for a meal, or collaborating on a dream project. 

In this group, we reach out to the longshots. You don’t do it alone. The group is here to support.

This is what you will experience in this program:

want to be unforgettable?

Always Top Of Mind: Become The Most Memorable In Your Market

In business, people work with individuals that they know, like and trust. To build that connection, we need to create meaningful moments and touchpoints with someone across a period of time.

Let’s put an end to being that person who only messages someone when you NEED something from them (the sale, the ask, the favor).

Start being the person who creatively crosses their desk and thoughtfully impacts their inbox with messages of surprise, delight, and significance.

This is what you will experience in this program:

Ready to step onto bigger stages?

Presentation X: Build, Book And Rock Your Most Important Talk

Whether you are a seasoned pro, or brand new to speaking, you want to deliver talks on bigger, better stages and deliver it in a way that makes you stand out. What is that big talk for you? A common one for many is the TEDx stage. Together, we will get you ready for your most important talk (perhaps it will be your TEDx Talk).

This is what you will experience in this program:

what do mastermind students have to say
what do mastermind students have to say

Blake helped me generate an extra $13,000 in 2 weeks.

Blake has a magical ability to help you elevate your business relationships. He is also one of the best community builders that I have ever met.

darius bashar

Blake is the most authentic, almost-artistic marketer I've ever met

His simple and sincere business strategies are gold. Working with Blake has reminded me the power of bringing more of myself into every aspect of my business.

alexis dean

Blake's the most innovative person I know

He has a really brilliant way of helping you understand what's holding you back, and then gives you these fun, silly things that will get you to actually start doing the work. When he says, "$10,000 in a day" he means it.

michael roderick

Without Blake, I would not even have a business

I started a business from scratch and Blake made it strong, exciting and doable from step 1. Plus, he is so much fun to work with, which makes the “starting a business” mountain so much easier to climb.

anne frisoli

I finished one of the most important projects of my life

Blake helped me complete a legacy project that I was sitting on for years. Thanks to him, we got it done in months. Since then, I have unleashed even more songs, films and speeches into the world.

Anthony mclean
let's stay in touch
let's stay in touch

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