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Deliver a memorable opening or closing to your event

Bring the magic of Blake and his message of appreciation to your next event to create a memorable opener that will connect people or closer that will have super set your event’s theme. 


Futureproof Your People: Relationships Over Robots. Appreciation Over Automation.

AI is on the rise. Robots are now real. Automation is the norm. What would it look like to go all in on relationships?

One of the most bold and courageous things we can do as the world speeds up, is to intentionally slow down. Slowing down to take a closer look at the key people in our organization and ways to make them realize how much they matter.

What would it look like to welcome new technologies, while being masters of human connection at work? The ripple effect would be felt internally on your team, and through each interaction with customers, clients, partners and stakeholders.

This is what your audience will  experience:


The Thank U Live Custom Experience: look back on your year, celebrate your progress, and appreciate your people.

The number-one reason why people leave their jobs is because they feel underappreciated. The ThankU Live Custom Experience makes it effortless for teams to deliver company-wide appreciation as a way to kick off or wrap up a season in your organization.

Based on a method that Blake built for 10 friends in his apartment and has since delivered to thousands of people on three continents,

The Thank U Live Custom Experience is one of the most simple yet accelerated ways to launch your team into actionable appreciation.

Here’s what you’ll experience:

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Workshops &

Blake has worked with large and start-up brands to facilitate workshops and custom events that build culture and teamwork.


Blake will create custom VIP masterminds for your leadership team that will unleash collaboration and creativity.


Bring in Blake as an unforgettable sidekick to your next in-person event that will keep your audience engaged from start to finish.

the reviews are in...
the reviews are in...

“Blake made our team feel so comfortable, so warm and he brought us so much focus. He does this in a truly authentic and creative way.” 

melissa morris
director, brand partnerships
bell media

“Very inspiring. I would recommend Blake to any team that is client facing, especially sales teams.”

will boake
vp sales
icon digital productions

“This message of appreciation and recognition is important for anyone in the client service business. Blake came highly recommended. Now I understand why.”

alyson walker
chief commercial officer
overactive media group

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