coming december 2024

It's Thank U Live 2024!

The annual virtual experience for entrepreneurs to look back on their year, celebrate their progress and appreciate their people.

IMAGINE IF a Ted Talk and a campfire singalong had a baby...

Thank U Live 2024 is like a appreciation time machine, where looking back moves you forward

Join Blake Fly and Peter Katz in a one-of-a-kind music-filled evening where looking back is the first step to leaping forward.

Here’s where entrepreneurs and creative spirits come together reflect and celebrate – and create moments of unexpected appreciation that are the rocket fuel to building epic relationships. 

It’s a unique blend of reflection, celebration, and heartfelt thanks – a formula that not only strengthens bonds but also opens new doors for your life and business. Plus, it’s 100% virtual so you can attend from anywhere you have a Zoom connection. 

Here’s how we work our magic:

first, we time travel

Look back on your
amazing year

Journey through the past twelve months in a way that uncovers the hidden gems, the quiet victories, and the impactful moments that might have slipped by unnoticed. It’s a surprisingly strategic reflection that fuels your future success.


Acknowledge your achievements

Here, we raise a virtual glass to the wins, the growth, and even the stumbles that taught you valuable lessons. It’s a moment to bask in the glow of your hard work and resilience, acknowledging the journey that’s brought you here.


Deliver unexpected appreciation

You’ll get to deliver real-time messages of gratitude. Cards. Calls. Audios. Videos. Whichever way you want to give thanks to the people in your world. This single practice will level up your relationships and create new business for the first few weeks of the new year.


Meet the dynamic duo behind Thank U Live 2024

In a world full of amazing people, two of the kindest ones – by some stroke of fantastic luck or perhaps a dash of cosmic matchmaking – find each other, then hatch a plan to host Thank U Live for 55 years and create decades of gratitude, laughs, music, and pure magic.

Meet Blake Fly

Blake is husband to Emily, Dad to Koah and Summer and 9-time TEDx Speaker. He believes that appreciation is rocket-fuel for building an exceptional business and life.

His unique approach has led him to work with a variety of companies including LinkedIn, London Life Insurance, Bell Media, LuluLemon, and Microsoft. He has delivered more than 1,000 keynote presentations around the world.

Known for his electrifying presentation style, Blake combines mind-blowing insights and practical appreciation strategies with compelling storytelling and music to help people feel  more engaged in their work, take action and grow their business.

Blake has a huge crush on his wife, Emily, and loses every staring contest with their two toddlers, Koah and Summer.

Meet Peter Katz

Juno Award, Canadian Screen Award, and two-time Canadian Folk Music Award nominated singer-songwriter Peter Katz is described by many of his fans and speaking clients as “a thunderbolt for the soul”.

Alongside his career as an international recording artist, Peter Katz serves clients across the globe by delivering highly customized ‘Keynote Concerts’.

Going beyond the standard keynote presentation format, Peter utilizes customized-to-your-audience performance enhancers with meaningful musical anchors. The end result is an audience transformed by the power of his message and the authenticity of his delivery, helping them see their purpose through new eyes.

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Let’s supercharge your year at Thank U Live 2024, where business, gratitude, music, and fun come together like one big happy family. We’re all about creating a meaningful and memorable experience that helps you create the kind of epic connections that change your life and business.

Thank U Live 2023

Join us for an evening of fun, music, laughs, and appreciation that might just change your life.
$ 95 ea. USD
  • Get clarity.
    Transform insights into action with your top 10 career moments.
  • Find community.
    Expand your circle, sparking new collaborations and friendships.
  • Create cash.
    Elevate your business with unique, impactful appreciation strategies.
  • Celebrate wins.
    Turn reflection into motivation by celebrating this year's journey.
  • Get continuity.
    Lay the groundwork for a transformative and successful upcoming year.