Success Stories

  • Chris Allyene
    "He has some very high recommendations from some pretty heavy hitter in the student affairs industry. He is worth the investment."
    Chris Allyene Assistant Director, Residence Engagement - Western University
  • Brad Morrison
    "If you think you are sitting down for just another speaker, you are sadly mistaken."
    Brad Morrison High School Teacher
  • Peggy Wakabayashi
    "He uses his personal testimonials to talk about the value of getting support from the campus community"
    Peggy Wakabayashi Director of Residences - Western University
  • Julian Restivo
    "There may be thousands of people in the audience, yet you feel like you are having a conversation with one guy."
    Julian Restivo Residence Manager - Western University
  • Domenic Cougliari
    "I have seen the presentation a few times and I look forward to seeing it again and again."
    Domenic Cougliari High School Teacher
  • Nikhil
    "He really touches students on a different level. He engages them, makes them laugh, and helps students put themselves out there."
    Nikhil University Student
  • Anne-Louise Sabo
    "His stories resonate with kids because they are real. He presents the good, the bad and the ugly."
    Anne-Louise Sabo High School, Vice Principal
  • Sarah
    "He really understands the students. He really understands what we are going through."
    Sarah High School Student
  • Roxsolana Jaworskyj
    "If you really want your students to listen and get something out of it, then I would choose Blake."
    Roxsolana Jaworskyj High School Teacher
  • Ashley Acacio
    "The audience members come out thinking 'This guy knows everything. He is like a guru for students!' It's fantastic."
    Ashley Acacio High School Council Advisor
  • Michelle Janzen
    "Once you see him you'll get involved."
    Michelle Janzen High School Teacher
  • Joseph Servidio
    "Blake took it to another level. He spoke to the parents about where their children can be in 2, 3 and 4 years from now. He talked about creating a balanced life."
    Joseph Servidio High School Principal
  • Martin Chu-Morrison
    "To those teachers who want to go to the staff room every time there is a speaker, do not do that with Blake. He will make you rediscover why you started teaching in thre first place."
    Martin Chu-Morrison High School Teacher
  • Angela Treglia
    "For the past 5 years, I have always been impressed by Blake's dedication to each session and how he customizes them to meet our goals."
    Angela Treglia Programming Coordinator, Western University
  • Jonah
    "If someone missed this speech, I would tell them that they missed out"
    Jonah University Student
  • Anne Carey
    "After the presentation, many parents told me how much more relaxed they felt about their sons & daughters entering the university phase of their lives."
    Anne Carey Head of High School Guidance
  • Jennifer Ashenden
    "He makes sure that the message aligns with what the institution is looking for."
    Jennifer Ashenden Asst. Director of Residence, Western University
  • Darren & Matt
    "You definitely have to hear him. He is a really cool guy. He reaches the audience and he knows what he is talking about."
    Darren & Matt University Students
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