About Blake

Blake Fly is on a Mission to Improve Campus Culture by Helping People Realize They Matter.

He seeds actions of appreciation, recognition and thoughtfulness into the daily routines of students, staff and campus partners. Simply put, Blake helps students graduate happy and provides campuses with resources to make that possible.

Blake is a huge fan of The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, is heavily lactose intolerant and his favorite movie is admittedly The Notebook. Blake has been a TEDx conference host, a featured TEDx speaker and is the author of “The Campus Life Guide.” He has shared the stage with CBC’s Rick Mercer.

Blake spent nearly a decade living, learning and leading in university residences as a Residence Advisor, Don and then in his first career as a Residence Manager of one of the country’s largest student buildings. During his university days, Blake lived with over 6000 roommates and in that time he lead groups of students on service learning trips throughout the USA and The Dominican Republic.

Blake is known for his creative approach to community building, both back in school and in present day. He transfers his lessons from campus life to his daily life. Blake’s work has been featured on City TV, CBC and even the National News.


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